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The Zoning & Land Use Report
By: George L Peters Jr     
HCC Board Member
Z&LUC Chairman

You can email george at:  hcczoning@gmail.com
or connect with george on twitter at: @mobtowngeorge

Report for February 2012

3801 Falls Road − Foundry − Spike Gjerde

The existing Building at 3801 Falls Road will be incorporated into the new restaurant.

For those of you who missed the last Hampden Community Council meeting Spike Gerard and his crew are currently working on plans to open a new restaurant at 3801 Falls Rd. The restaurants will feature family-style atmosphere and pricing, a 44 seat indoor dining area, with counter service, and an outdoor seating and patio area. The Hampden community Council zoning and land-use committee will be part of the planning process and the logistics of the restaurant. Mr. Gjerde has agreed to work with the community to ensure adequate parking and to put limitations on outdoor service. Plans and elevations will be posted shortly.

3400 Roland Avenue − Joseph Rabinowitz, Guerrilla Architecture

Currently 3400 Roland Ave is a half circle shaped vacant green space.

Mr. Rabinowitz and his architect Jeremy Kargon, recently presented plans for an apartment building that they would like to build at 3400 Roland Ave. So far the project is in the planning and community input stages and has not sought approval from Baltimore City's planning department nor permits through Baltimore City permit department. The current plans call for 10 attached units − 9 two-bedroom and one one-bedroom with one off street parking space per unit. The project plans currently call for a two-story building that mimics the appearance of modern row-house facades to tie into the existing architecture of the neighborhood. There are plans to hold a meeting in early March to present the current set of plans to neighboring residents. There will also be a full presentation to the Hampden community Council at the March General meeting. The current revision of the plans can be found HERE.

3849 Roland Avenue − Eric Dashner, Finer Remodeling LLC.

The exterior of 3849 Roland Avenue as it looks today.

Mr. Eric Dashner presented plans that would take the current single-family home at 3849 Roland Avenue (zoned for two units) and convert it into an 8928 square-foot 12 unit apartment building. Current plans for the project call for a mix of one and two-bedroom apartments. Access to these apartments would be by sidewalk from Roland Avenue. The development would also include 12 off Street parking spaces. Parking would only be accessible via Pleasant Place. According to the BMZA the project will need a host of exceptions and variances to make this project work and may not be feasible at all. According to our northern district planner Mr. Dashner has yet to apply for a pre-planning meeting nor has he submitted plans for storm water mitigation. Mr. Dashner has been asked to present his plans at February's general meeting so that nearby neighbors can get more information. Mr. Dashner does not currently own the property and sale is contingent on receiving permission to build from planning and the BMZA. A number of neighbors have submitted letters of opposition. Very basic Preliminary plans and information are available HERE.

Mill #01 − David Tufaro, Terra Nova Ventures LLC

Scaffolding is now covering most of the old Mount Vernon Mill #1 building.

Those of you that live in the lower section of Hampden, down near Mill Centre, will have no doubt noticed that the Mount Vernon mill project has begun. Construction trailers have been dropped off, scaffolding has been put into place, and workers have started to arrive on a daily basis. The Hampden community Council zoning and land-use committee has asked Mr. Tufaro to our next regularly scheduled meeting, scheduled for March 6, 2012, to present a construction timeline and answer certain pending questions on parking and traffic mitigation.

The Grand Rotunda − Chris Bell, Hekemian and Co.

In a letter addressed to multiple community associations and groups by Hekemian and Company has informed us that they plan to restart the process of developing the Grand Rotunda Project. Members previously engaged in the process have been asked to return. As our committee gets more information on the project and how it will move forward in the future we will let you know.

When to Contact the Zoning Committee

If you have questions or concerns about these or other projects in the neighborhood, or if you wish to speak with the HCC Zoning Committee regarding a project of your own, please contact us at HCCZoning@gmail.com

Please remember, if you own a property in Hampden and are planning on making any changes or performing construction that needs a Variance, Conditional Use, PUD, or other community-process, you must contact the HCC Zoning Committee. All projects that go to hearing without inclusion of the Community will be formally opposed to BMZA.


Hampden Community Council
Zoning & Land Use Committee

  The Mission of the HCC Zoning & Land Use Committee is to provide educated, balanced and forward thinking guidance to the Hampden Community Council, its Board, Elected Officers, and its General Membership. We encourage beneficial development and land uses that preserve and advance the neighborly feel and quality of life in Hampden through business-friendly collaboration, cooperation, citizen assistance, and the advocacy of all applicable Zoning Codes and City Laws.

Contact the Z&LUC HCCZoning@gmail.com

the next Z&LUC meeting will be
02-04-2013 @ 6pm
the next HCC general meeting will be
01-28-2013 @ 7pm

The Z&LUC Process
If you are seeking a variance, conditional use, P.U.D. or any other exception to the Baltimore City Zoning Code that requires the approval of the BMZA or City Council, please read below.

"The BMZA appeal process involves both public notification and a hearing. Applicants who file for appeal are encouraged to discuss their plans with their neighbors and their community association."

If your are seeking the support of the HCC for your building project, you must follow our procedures. It is the HCC's formal position that those who choose to go before the BMZA or City Council with out contacting us first will be formally opposed at any and all hearings.

The HCC's process starts with a meeting between the developer or builder and the Hampden Community Council´s Zoning & Land Use Committee. You should be able to provide the following at our first meeting:

⊕ A completed developer questionnaire.
(you can download this form at the bottom of this column)

⊕ Detailed plans that match those submitted to the City. (we will check) A copy of your plans should be emailed to the Zoning & Land Use Committee as a PDF or a J-peg file, prior to our first meeting.

⊕ A list of all of the variances and / or conditional that uses you are seeking.

⊕ A signed petition or letters of support from the neighboring property owners. petitions or letters should include the following information 1. A clear statement of what the signators are agreeing with or supporting. Clearly printed names, addresses, and phone numbers of each signator 3. An actual signature. In most cases we will give you a list of properties that we feel will be affected by your project and we will require you to notify those property owners prior to issuing a letter of support. Also it is worth noting that we will follow up on each letter or petition name to ensure their legitimacy.

⊕ important: Please bring copies of all pertinent documentation that can be left with the Z&LUC.

At the conclusion of our first meeting we will make recommendation and or comments about you project and if we feel further community input is needed we may call a public meeting to further inform the affected neighbors. When we feel that we have enough information and documentation to vote on your project we will do so and then forward our recommendation to our Board Directors or to the HCC General Membership. They will be asked whether we, as an organization and the neighborhood association of record for Hampden, should support or oppose the project. Once this vote is recorded an official letter will be sent to the BMZA or City Council outlining the HCC´s position.

As a rule of thumb this process can take 30 days to complete, but can vary greatly depending on how through and prepared you are when we first meet.

If you have further questions about the zoning process, need a variance for your project, or need help with any other zoning or land use issue please feel free to contact George L Peters Jr, Z&LUC Chairman, at HCCZoning@gmail.com


Current Zoning Projects:

3505 Buena Vista - rear addition (PDF)

3500 Chestnut Avenue - renovation (PDF)

1500 Union Avenue (Union Mill)- PUD (PDF)

3000 Falls Road (Mt. Vernon Mill)- PUD (PDF)

Previous Zoning Projects:

3938 Elm Avenue - new construction (PDF)

703 West 33rd Street - rear addition (PDF)

3819 Pleasant Place - rear addition (PDF)

3600-02 Ash Street - new construction (PDF)

3967 Hickory Avenue - new construction (PDF)

The Grand Rotunda Redevelopment (www.link)
711 West 40th Street - new construction

1436 Dellwood Avenue, floor plans - new construction (PDF)

1436 Dellwood Avenue, land - new construction (PDF)

818 West 36th Street - Renovation (PDF)

1201-11 Cox Street, land - new construction (PDF)

Redfern Avenue - new construction (www.link)

Zoning & Land Use Information:

Community input for Liquor Licenses (PDF)

Hampden Community Council Liquor Licenses Policy (PDF)

Zoning Code of Baltimore City (PDF)

Building & Fire Codes of Baltimore City (PDF)

Guidelines for Rowhouse Additions (PDF)

Historical & Architectural Preservation (PDF)

Baltimore City Housing Code Booklet (PDF)

Hampden Urban Renewal Plan (PDF)

Department of Planning - Maps & Publications (www.link)

Department of Legislative Reference (www.link)
This is a searchable PDF database of all
the current laws and codes for Baltimore City.

Baltimore City 311 complaint link (www.link)

Baltimore 311 on Flickr (www.link)

Reverse Angled Parking Information:

Angled Parking (PDF)

The Art of Reverse Angled Parking (PDF)

Roland Ave RAP Drawing (Jpeg)

RAP information from other citys.

Missoula Downtown Streets Project (PDF)

City of Des Moines RAP Demo (PDF)

Back-in Angle Parking - San Francisco (PDF)

Back-In Angle Parking - Pottstown (PDF)

Context Sensitive Solutions letter collection (PDF)


BMZA Zoning dockets:

BMZA Zoning Docket 2008.05.13 (PDF)   

BMZA Zoning Docket 2008.04.29 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2008.04.15 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2008.04.01 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2008.03.11 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2008.03.04 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2008.02.19 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2008.02.05 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2008.01.22 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2008.01.08 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.12.11 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.11.27 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.11.13 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.10.30 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.10.16 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.10.02 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.09.18 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.09.04 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.08.21 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.08.07 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.07.24 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.07.10 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.06.26 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.06.12 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.05.15 (PDF)

BMZA Zoning Docket 2007.05.01 (PDF)

for older Zoning Dockets please visit the BMZA online at www.baltimorecity.gov/government/zoning/ (www.link)

Zoning & Land Use Committee Forms:

Developer Questionnaire

Zoning & Land Use Committee Rules (PDF)

Z&LUC New Member Questionnaire (PDF)

Hampden Zoning & Land Use Maps:

Hampden Zoning Map (Jpeg) 5 MB

Hampden Lot Size and Coverage Map (Jpeg) 5.7 MB

Hampden Buildings Map (Jpeg) 3 MB

Hampden Topographic Map (Jpeg) 7.6 MB

Baltimore Neighborhoods Map (PDF) 823 K